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I have always thought this beautiful, charming old village of Nozawa Onsen ♨ needs to be explained to the people from all over the world who now come to visit.

Many of the people who visit this village come only for skiing, snowboarding and drinking...

I thought that is really MOTTAINAI !! ( a missed opportunity ). 

Then I came across the "free" walking tour concept, and thought it was exactly what was needed to introduce the history and culture of Nozawa Onsen ♨ to visitors.

I have worked as a scuba diving guide, a whale shark swimming guide in Australia, a hiking guide in New Zealand and Japan, a kayaking guide in Canada and also a raft guide in summer time in Nozawa onsen.

I also used to be a ski patroller at Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort for the last six seasons.


Now I am also working as a mountain guide during summers.  I'm guiding in Oze National Park, Kumano Kodo

( a World Heritage site ) and the mountains around Nozawa Onsen, Nagano, Niigata, Gunma and Yamanashi Areas.

Takako Iida
​Shiro & Mike


I love snowboarding, skiing, mountain trekking, mountain biking, photographing and all sorts of things doing outdoor!! 

fell in love to this beautiful village of Nozawa Onsen 

Cat's Guides


We live in Taka's house and  really loving this nice relaxing  atmosphere of Nozawa Onsen 

but we would not have an Onsen as it's too hot for us !!


◎Between 7 - 4 days prior to tour date – 30% of total tour price will be forfeited

◎Between 3 - 2 days prior to tour date – 40% of total tour price will be forfeited

◎1 days prior to tour date – 50% of total tour price will be forfeited

◎on the day of tour date / no show – 100% of total tour price will be forfeited

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