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​Welcome to Walking Tour Nozawa Onsen 

Walk your way around the streets of Nozawa Onsen 

and see its beauty through ​the eyes of a local !!


◎ Friendly local guide

◎ History & Knowledge of Nozawa Onsen

◎ For everyone from backpackers to billionaires ! 

◎ Informative & unforgettable ! 

◎ The tour only takes an hour

 ¥2000/per person


   Please dress warmly !!

   Bring camera, 

   Wear comfortable footwear for snow❅!

   Night Tours   start at 4:30pm or any time after 4:30pm

   **all tours upon request  due to Covid situations

      book or inquaries available**


   meet your guide Taka at the starting point :

   O-yu  the public bathhouse on O-yu street

Our sign

This sign depicts Dosojin Fire Gods, the Fire(ひ) and the mountain(山) are conbined to form a Japanese Antelope

" Kamoshika"

This is O-yu  the public bathhouse on O-yu Street.

Meet your guide Taka here.

My gumboots !

I wear bright green gumboots !

easy to spot !

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